Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Debt Settlement Hoaxes

If you are in debt, you already know how hard life can be. But, what if you go to a company that promises to settle your debt, but its winds up being a scam, what then.

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5 Reasons to Limit Price Cutting

Price cutting has become a way of life for many companies these days. The reason: To sell at least as much currently as was sold during the comparable previous period. And it doesn't seem to make much difference if those companies sell cars, computers or clothing. Virtually every seller of goods or services - except professionals such as doctors and lawyers - seems to be engaged in price cutting, a practice that can, in fact, kill your brand or bankrupt your company. Consider these five reasons to limit price cutting...

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What Makes a Good Dental Assistant Training Program?

Would you be interested in a career as a dental assistant but are not sure what to look for to find a good program? Here are some points to consider to help you find the right school.

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Choosing an Experienced and Qualified Debt Settlement Representative

Do your homework up front when hiring a debt settlement law firm or debt settlement company to ensure that you are making a wise decision. Important considerations include credentials and registrations including the BBB, make certain you find out about licensing as well.

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Fighting Back Against Debt Collection Letters: 5 Steps to Take

Did you know that you actually get to control how the debt collector speaks to you - even in what format? What's more, the debt collector must prove to you that the debt is really yours before they can even begin their collection efforts.

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'The Grey': The Reviews Are In!

Critics give mostly positive reviews to Liam Neeson's wolf-punching thriller.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Liam Neeson in "The Grey"
Photo: Open Road Films

For the third January in a row, Liam Neeson returns to kick ass more than any other 59-year-old we know. This time he isn't taking down sex traffickers like in "Taken" or whatever he was fighting in "Unknown." No, this time, it's wolves.

For a movie that was sold on the notion of wolf punching, "The Grey" has received primarily positive reviews for its deeper-than-you'd-think story and characters.

Check out what the critics are saying about "The Grey."

The Story
"We meet Neeson's character, a heartbroken loner named John Ottway, on the verge of suicide and thinking back, obsessively, to the woman who got away. His demons temporarily quelled, Ottway boards a small plane with his fellow refinery workers and in one of the most nerve-racking flights ever put on film, the aircraft runs afoul of bad weather and crashes. (For a turbulence wimp like me, this scene was not easy.)" — Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

The Star
"Having paid his quality biopic dues as Oskar Schindler, Michael Collins and Alfred Kinsey, Mr. Neeson has, at least for now, turned to the rougher and perhaps more lucrative work of action heroism. It takes nothing away from his earlier achievements to note that he's really good at it. He conveys a ferocious and absolute seriousness even when the going gets silly, and he finds the soul in each new angry-everyman cipher he is asked to play." — A.O. Scott, New York Times

The Wolves
" 'The Grey' is an unrelenting demonstration that wolves have no opinion. When they attack, it's not personal. They've spent untold millennia learning how to survive, naked and without weapons, in fearsome places like the Arctic Circle in the dead of winter. They aren't precisely unarmed; they have their teeth and claws, but how far would that get us, even if we had rifles?" — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

The Director
"We've come, in vain, to see [Neeson] danse-macabre with wolves, and the film's director, Joe Carnahan, provides the occasional horror-film sneak attack. He also manages to create one of the movies' more nightmarish plane crashes and conclude with just the sort of ludicrous finale that paying customers who've seen the ads might assume they would be getting a whole film of." — Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

The Final Word
"For all its macho standoffs and action set pieces and menacing off-screen howling, 'The Grey' is at heart a simple moral fable about how true heroism consists in helping other human beings to live as long and die as well as they can, which is, after all, the task all of us face each day, even when we're not fending off wolves with broken glass duct-taped to our knuckles." — Dana Stevens, Slate

Check out everything we've got on "The Grey."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit MTVMoviesBlog.com.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Debt Relief Options Can Help Your Financial Future

Debt relief can help you to improve your finances. If you recently had a loss in income from a job loss then you know how hard it can be to keep up with your monthly credit card payments. Most people who have had a sudden change in there life have a lot of stress trying to juggle there monthly bills. Using a debt relief option such as a consolidation loan can make it easier for you to make your monthly payments on time.

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Rubinstein Interview: With webOS Transition Under Way, It Was Time to Leave HP

On the heels of the news of his departure from HP Friday, Apple veteran and onetime Palm head Jon Rubinstein spoke with AllThingsD about the move and the fate of Palm's webOS.

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Credit Card Debt, Sound Familiar?

It was a dark forecast, a rough and bumpy road ahead of me, cutting back on spending and trimming excess expenditures off my agenda. Speaking to a debt settlement counselor helped, it helped place my needs into perspective, I was living in a dream, a make belief world I had to stop living in. The prospect of negotiating settlements with my original creditors scared me. My debt counselor assured me it would be hard, it would be long, but it would be rewarding and it would be the only way out of my troubled debt.

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Five Reasons Your Small Business Is Not Reaching New Customers

For many small businesses, the seasonal nature of the product being sold is reason enough to have a slow winter season. However, the world of small business marketing is undergoing a major shift as online marketing gains more and more momentum, leaving many small businesses are at a loss for how to reach new customers. If you find that you are experiencing trouble gaining exposure with new customers, here are five possible solutions to your problem: 1.

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Signing Your Bank Renewal Can Be Very Costly

Banks never offer their best rates on renewal. Let a mortgage broker shop for you.

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Midsized Company Marketing and Marketing Communications - Four Keys To Success in Today's Market

The economy has taught both consumers and business-to-business clients a new way to purchase goods and services. And with the plethora of new technology sources providing information to evaluate and compare a brand's attributes and reputation before purchase, how we now market to our customers - both new and existing - represents a series of challenges. Truly understanding your target audience, recognizing the value and how to employ both traditional and social media, participating in content media and utilizing outside marketing partners are four keys to success.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

S Corporation Salaries Tips

The way to really jack up the tax savings that flow from an S Corporation is to set shareholder-employee salaries to a low yet reasonable level. CPA and former tax Professor Steve Nelson provides three easy-to-follow tips for doing just this.

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The Differences Between Debit and Credit Card Processing

The ease of using plastic over other payment methods has become a not only a convenience for vendors and consumers but a money maker for the banks. Most of the times when you pull out the plastic to make a purchase you are faced with a choice; "debit", or "credit"? The associated fees and the way the transaction is processed are the main differences between the credit and debit options.

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Forex Market Hours - 4 Things You Must Know

As a trader you should understand the active forex market hours. Remember, it is not profitable to trade anytime during the day.

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Nike Chosen Winter recap 3

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350,000 Textbooks Downloaded From Apple's iBooks in Three Days

Within days of its debut, Apple's iBooks textbook store racks up a significant number of downloads, according to a new estimate.

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Linux-based flight recorder optimized for drones

Ampex Data Systems announced a compact, ruggedized airborne recorder that runs SUSE Linux on a 1.3GHz Intel Atom E660T CPU. The ruggedized TuffServ 40 (TS 40) offers 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a 2GB boot disk, an 80GB or 160GB solid state drive, a gigabit Ethernet port, and a -40 to 159.8 deg. F operating range....

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heins: I'm Here to Help RIM Catch Up

"I know we've made mistakes, and I know I'm in for a fight."

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Hassle-Free Borrowing Money With Bad Credit

If you have a job and need to borrow money for a short term emergency, you can use your salary as "collateral" to a bank or lending company and they will let you borrow the money you need. When borrowing money with bad credit you need to be creative. Payday loans are the most common loan of this type that accept people with bad credit but if your income is high enough you can use it to qualify with a regular bank for more traditional borrowing.

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Demi Moore Replaced By Mary-Louise Parker In 'Lovelace'

In other Demi news, Madonna reportedly reaches out to actress after her hospitalization.
By Jocelyn Vena

Demi Moore
Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/ WireImage

Editor's note: While Us Weekly originally reported that "Weeds" star Mary-Louise Parker would replace Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem in "Lovelace," the filmmakers have confirmed to MTV News that Moore's actual replacement is Sarah Jessica Parker.

Amid her personal woes, Demi Moore, who had been set to play Gloria Steinem in the Linda Lovelace biopic, has been replaced by "Weeds" star Mary-Louise Parker.

Sources confirm to UsMagazine.com that the TV star will fill in for Moore, who had to drop out of the film earlier this week after she was hospitalized for "exhaustion." On Thursday, there was speculation that Chloë Sevigny would play the feminist icon when she was cast as a feminist journalist, but now it seems that those are two different roles.

"Lovelace" is currently shooting in Los Angeles with Amanda Seyfried playing the film's central character, '70s porn actress Linda Lovelace.

As the Demi drama rolls on, there are reports that Madonna reached out to the actress shortly after she was hospitalized. Moore has since been released from the L.A.-area hospital.

Sources tells E! News that the singer called her actress pal. "Madonna told Demi she was there if she needs anything," the E! source says, adding, "They're pretty tight."

The ladies last hung out during Golden Globes weekend, and they reportedly were going to see one another again over Super Bowl weekend; Madge is slated to perform during the halftime show. The status of their annual post-Oscars bash is currently up in the air.

While speculation runs rampant about why Moore was hospitalized, sources say that her ex, Ashton Kutcher, is "deeply concerned" for her. Moore is rumored to have been doing nitrous oxide before landing in the hospital. "He still cares about her and wants the best for her," the source added. "But their marriage is ending and they are both moving on with their lives."

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Top 3 Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

Here are a few tips for starting the new year off right. Kick-start your marketing efforts with 3 simple New Year's Marketing Resolutions. 1. Use your social networking power. 2. Build better relationships with your existing clients. 3. Embrace media relations.

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Soylent Green Is People!

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Creating a Forex Trading Journal

Successful trades make you feel great. Unsuccessful trades make you feel bad and neutral trades make you feel even worse. You may be asking yourself how what you feel about a particular order that you place, matters.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Double Vision ? Again

The final weeks of the 2011 Season 4 inRacingNews Challenge saw the mixed class (SpecRacer Fords and Pontiac Solstices) visit three very different circuits:� the short course configuration at Summit Point Raceway, Charlotte Motor Speedway’s “r-oval” road course and Okayama International’s� long course.� Long or short, r-oval or pure road circuit, Michael Booth and Gabriel Tobar proved unbeatable as they swept to the Solstice and SRF titles, respectively . . . again (in Booth’s case, his second straight title, while Tobar took his third SRF crown in the past four seasons). Week 10 of the inRacingNews Challenge season headed to West Virginia and Summit Point Raceway, marking the fourth and final visit of the season to the series? de facto home track, and one of precious few opportunities for the [...]

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Why You Should Dispute Your Debt

A debt validation letter is a grueling requirement on the part of your creditor or debt collector. Debt collectors could hardly provide substantial information to certify your account. Therefore in pursuing your efforts to a debt free life, it is important to understand how a debt dispute can be use to your advantage.

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Canadian's Holiday Budget

So why do people decide to use credit for Christmas if it costs more in interest, has a greater chance of getting people off budget, and promotes a disproportionate expectation for the rewards customers can get? Convenience. The answer is simple...

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Using Audio Visual for Effective Branding at Corporate Events

If you have ever organised a corporate event you will know that the first measurement of its success is how effectively it conveyed your company's message to its guests. These days, corporate events range from fancy to spectacular, with each event aiming to outdo its competitors or previous company functions.

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Office Cleaning - What To Look For When Hiring a Crew

When a business manager needs an office cleaning crew, there are a few things to look for, including reliability and punctuality. Here are some reasons you want to make sure the people you hire are quality workers.

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Your Business Really Needs A Website

One study estimates that 52% of small businesses have little or no online presence and yet 97% of consumers make some or all of their buying decisions based on online research. If you don't have a good website (or any website) you may be holding yourself back. Learn how easy and inexpensive it can be to have one for your business.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Employment: Finding Job Vacancies During a Recession

Job vacancies are getting harder and harder to find in today's recession. Employment and an online job search go hand-in-hand though. You can't seem to find the former without the latter. A job search for employment doesn't mean it has to be an online job you're getting. Job vacancies are for all sorts of offline jobs, but the online format s the best conduit to find those jobs.

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3 ways big software companies may fail in the cloud

Be careful what you wish for: "Big Software" -- the multi-billion-dollar companies selling enterprise software -- have discovered the cloud, and they are now providing cloud apps and services. That should be good news, except that Big Software's history over the last 30 years shows it could easily get the cloud transition wrong -- and harm users in the process.

So, here's my free advice to Big Software about the right way to understand the cloud for the ultimate benefit of customers while looking at the three dangerous shifts enterprise providers need to understand.

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Steel Fabrication - Getting the Big Projects Done Right

Companies that use large steel beams and other large steel pieces on their projects are rarely able to get everything they need off the shelf. That is why the job of steel fabricators is so important. Without the right steel fabrication company, a contractor would be unable to build a bridge or a put up a steel building.

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Must-See Goal: Dani Alves

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Linux gains share on enterprise servers -- and desktops, too

Linux has vaulted to 1.4 percent worldwide desktop market share from 0.97 percent in July, according to Net Applications. Meanwhile, a new Linux Foundation survey on enterprise adoption of Linux indicates that 84 percent of organizations currently using the open source operating system have expanded their deployments over the last year....

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Occupational Therapy: The Feelgood Career That Pays Well

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for occupational therapists is expected to grow by 26% between 2008 and 2018, which is greater than the average growth expected during the period for all occupations. Occupational therapy salary may vary according to the work setting, severity of the patient's condition and amount of experience the therapist has. Experience suggests the level of expertise a therapist might have when it comes to rehabilitating a patient.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How To Use Business Mentoring To Blast Your Profits To The Next Level

Starting your own business can be both scary and rewarding at the same time. There is so much that needs to be done in a new start-up business. One of the biggest challenges is not making the exact same mistakes that the majority of new businesses have done before you.

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2012 Oscar Nominations Full List

'The Artist' and Martin Scorcese's 'Hugo' lead the way for February 26 awards show.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo in "The Artist"
Photo: Weinstein Company

Jennifer Lawrence read off the names of the year's nominees for the 84th Academy Awards on Tuesday morning (January 24). "The Artist" and "The Descendants" both emerged as Best Picture favorites after big nights at the Golden Globes, but Martin Scorsese's "Hugo" led the field of nominations with 11 total.

Billy Crystal will return for his ninth turn as host when the ceremony airs February 26 on ABC at 7 p.m. ET. Here is the full list of the nominees:

Best Picture
"The Artist"
"The Descendants"
"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"
"The Help"
"Midnight in Paris"
"The Tree of Life"
"War Horse"

Best Director
Michel Hazanavicius, "The Artist"
Alexander Payne, "The Descendants"
Martin Scorsese, "Hugo"
Woody Allen, "Midnight in Paris"
Terrence Malick, "The Tree of Life"

Best Actor
George Clooney, "The Descendants"
Demián Bichir, "A Better Life"
Jean Dujardin, "The Artist"
Gary Oldman, "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"
Brad Pitt, "Moneyball"

Best Actress
Glenn Close, "Albert Nobbs"
Viola Davis, "The Help"
Rooney Mara, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
Meryl Streep, "The Iron Lady"
Michelle Williams, "My Week With Marilyn"

Best Supporting Actor
Kenneth Branagh, "My Week With Marilyn"
Jonah Hill, "Moneyball"
Nick Nolte, "Warrior"
Christopher Plummer, "Beginners"
Max von Sydow, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"

Best Supporting Actress
Bérénice Bejo, "The Artist"
Jessica Chastain, "The Help"
Melissa McCarthy, "Bridesmaids"
Janet McTeer, "Albert Nobbs"
Octavia Spencer, "The Help"

Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
"The Descendants"
"The Ides of March"
"Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"

Best Writing (Original Screenplay)
"The Artist"
"Margin Call"
"Midnight in Paris"
"A Separation"

Best Art Direction
"The Artist"
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2"
"War Horse"

Best Cinematography
"The Artist"
"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
"The Tree of Life"
"War Horse"

Best Costume Design
"The Artist"
"Jane Eyre"

Best Film Editing
"The Artist"
"The Descendants"
"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"

Best Makeup
"Albert Nobbs"
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2"
"The Iron Lady"

Best Music (Original Score)
"The Adventures of Tintin"
"The Artist"
"Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"
"War Horse"

Best Music (Original Song)
"Man or Muppet" from "The Muppets"
"Real in Rio" from "RIO"

Best Sound Editing
"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon"
"War Horse"

Best Sound Mixing
"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon
"War Horse"

Best Visual Effects
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2"
"Real Steel"
"Rise of the Planet of the Apes"
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon"

Best Foreign Language Film
"Monsieur Lazhar" - Canada
"Bullhead" - Belgium
"A Separation" - Iran
"Footnote" - Israel
"In Darkness" - Poland

Best Animated Feature Film
"A Cat in Paris"
"Chico & Rita"
"Kung Fu Panda 2"
"Puss in Boots"

Best Animated Short Film
"The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore"
"La Luna"
"A Morning Stroll"
"Wild Life"

Best Short Film
"The Shore"
"Time Freak"
"Tuba Atlantic"

Best Documentary Feature
"Hell and Back Again"
"If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front"
"Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory"

Best Documentary Short
"The Barber of Birmingham: Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement"
"God is the Bigger Elvis"
"Incident in New Baghdad"
"Saving Face"
"The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom"

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Is Mobile Marketing All You Need to Retain Your Customers?

The short answer is NO, and I'm a mobile marketing strategist! After doing this mobile marketing thing for a while now, and in order to RETAIN my client's customers and develop a Loyal Fan Base for the his/her business or profession, I've also needed to implemented a mobile-integrated-marketing strategy.

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The strange case of the missing servers

I was working for a large IT services provider, many of whose customers were large corporations, and we supported them remotely. As a result, we often did not know the physical location of customers' machines and often we knew only the people who worked directly with us. Plus, all of the work was supposed to be pre-approved by tickets, but all too often somebody would, without our knowledge, make changes.

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Styling Tips For An Interview

Your very much impressive CV is on the table. You're are all set to kill it for the interview today. But what the heck, you have not styled yourself as yet. You think you'll pull out whatever you get out of your closet, after all your qualifications are more than enough. Here's where you are going wrong. Your curriculum vitae can go actually wasted if you go wrong with the way you dress up. The clothes you wear, the makeup you put on and the accessories you flash can make or break your impression at an interview.

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Modular panel PC will accept display upgrades

Ibase announced a modularized panel PC that features a 15-inch touchscreen and a 2.13GHz Intel Atom D2700 processor. The IPPC-1500 includes up to 4GB of RAM, 2MB of battery-backed static RAM for system restoration, a 2.5-inch drive bay, a PCI expansion slot, and a front bezel that meets IP65 standards, according to the company....

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3 Steps to Debt Relief

If you ask anyone what is your worst nightmare, they will directly answer that it's getting into debt. It's considered as one of the major problems that people face today because of the unstable economy we're living in. There are probably hundreds of reasons why we tend to get into debt, but the most obvious one among them is miscalculation. There are some people who try to blame it on banks, but I think that we are the number one cause of this economic crisis. If you ask me why, I'll answer with 2 words "irrational spending."

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Oscar's Best Song Category: Why Only Two Nominees?

Complicated voting rules shut out songs by Elton John, Lady Gaga, Mary J. Blige and Pink.
By John Mitchell

Blu and Linda in "Rio"
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Tuesday morning's (January 24) announcement of the 2012 Oscar nominations delivered plenty of surprises. Michael Fassbender ("Shame"), Albert Brooks ("Drive") and Charlize Theron ("Young Adult") were overlooked in the acting categories, while Melissa McCarthy ("Bridesmaids"), Rooney Mara ("The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo") and Max von Sydow ("Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close") scored surprise nominations. But perhaps no category was more head-scratching than Best Original Song.

Despite the fact that a short list of 39 tracks were eligible for nomination, only two were named — "Man or Muppet" from "The Muppets" and "Real in Rio" from "Rio" — leaving tunes from Elton John and Lady Gaga, Pink, will.i.am, Zooey Deschanel, Elvis Costello and Mary J. Blige shut out of the competition.

Many Oscar-watchers were left wondering why the Academy would opt away from the traditional five contenders in favor of just two little-heard songs. Well, a closer look at the Oscar rule book shows it's probably less a case of choosing to nominate only two songs than it is simply a case of a single song scoring enough points to secure a nod, and then bringing its closest competition along for the ride.

Oscar nominations are arrived at using a very complicated weighted system in which members of the Academy, voting exclusively for members of their own branch (i.e. actors chose the acting nominees, directors vote for directors, etc.), rank contenders in order of preference. From there, a "magic number" is determined that relies on the number of ballots cast for a category, along with a specific mathematical equation. Ballots are tallied and contenders are eliminated through several rounds in a process that tabulates factors like first-place mentions and so on. Once a contender reaches the magic number, they are an Oscar nominee. (The folks over at EW's PopWatch break down the selection steps in great detail.)

So this is how the nominees are determined — with one exception: Best Original Song. In 2009, when the Academy opted to up the number of Best Picture nominees to 10 (the voting body has since altered that number), it also changed the rules for Best Original Song. As Billboard points out, members of the Academy's music branch now "assign each song a numerical score between 1 and 10, and if no song receives an average of more than 8.25, there are no nominees. If only one song tops the threshold, as clearly happened here, the next highest vote getter secures a nomination as well."

This year's Best Original Song category boils down to this: either Bret McKenzie's "Man or Muppet" or "Real in Rio" by songwriting trio Sergio Mendes, Carlinhos Brown and Siedah Garrett secured a score of 8.25 or better, earning a nomination and pulling the #2 vote-getter into the fray. Simply put, members of the music branch didn't award any other song, including John and Gaga's duet "Hello Hello" or Blige's "The Help" track "Living Proof," a score high enough to secure a nomination.

But lest you think that this means the category is all but locked, think again. While selecting the Oscar nominees is an intensely mathematical process, picking the winners is much easier. Once the nominations are decided, every member of the Academy can vote in each category and the nominee that receives the most votes wins. Easy enough. And since actors are the largest voting block of the Academy— and would have had nothing to do with the tracks selected to contend for Best Original Song — it's anyone's game.

See the complete list of Academy Awards Nominations.

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You Don't Need to Be 'Perfect' To Get Clients

Do you let perfection hold you back from marketing yourself? If you wait for that perfect moment, if you wait until you've learnt it all, if you hesitate for any reason... then you lose. The perfect time to market yourself is today. The perfect time to attract clients is today. You are the expert, you are the best... now go out and tell the world!

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Using Business Development CRM Software

Over the past few years, businesses have realized that CRM software can really do a lot to improve their business. Service oriented and product oriented businesses both need customers to be satisfied with the level of service and the quality of products they are providing. Customers who are not satisfied are obviously lost by the company and so it is going to be near impossible for the company to bring unsatisfied customers back on board.

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Friday Night Under the Lights at Timberline1-13-12

January 27th, 2012 Friday night jams are back! Here's the highlights!!! This is the first in the Friday Night Under the Lights Series at Timberline Lodge Ski Area, not focusing on one specific feature but an awesome setup and rad prizes from some exciting new sponsors! Music by: Damian Marley, Featuring Nas " Road To Zion" / 2005

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Google TV to gain personalized recommendations

Google is planning a new version of Google TV that will integrate personalized recommendations based on user preferences, says a report. Meanwhile, Google TV 2.0 was reviewed by DeviceGuru, which praised the Android 3.1-based interface and Chrome browser, but dinged the poor Flash performance and continuing lack of Android apps....

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Nicholas Hoult Is 'Beautiful' In 'Warm Bodies'

Teresa Palmer gushed to MTV News about her co-star's zombie performance.
By Josh Wigler, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Teresa Palmer and Joel Edgerton
Photo: MTV News

If Hollywood can turn vampires and werewolves into sex icons, what's keeping zombies from entering that same sexy stratosphere? Well, there's the whole feasting-on-human-flesh thing to consider, we suppose, not to mention the endless groaning and decaying to boot.

Despite their brain-craving reputation, the walking dead are about to undergo a serious makeover in "Warm Bodies," director Jonathan Levine's adaptation of the Isaac Marion novel set in a post-apocalyptic world where a zombie named R (played by "X-Men: First Class" actor Nicholas Hoult) inexplicably falls in love with Julie Grigio, whose father is a general in the dwindling human resistance.

Teresa Palmer, who plays Julie, spoke with MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival about her work on "Warm Bodies" and why she can't wait to fall in love with a zombie on the big screen.

"I'm just excited to see how Nicholas Hoult comes across on the screen," said Palmer, who's attending Sundance to support her drama "Wish You Were Here." "He was so beautiful to work with. He does such an incredible performance. He's playing a zombie, so he can't say much, but he's very expressive with his eyes."

It's not just Hoult's "beautiful" zombie performance that Palmer fell in love with, but the "Warm Zombies" universe as a whole.

"The world that Jonathan Levine has set up is so epic and so interesting," she said. "It's always very cool when Jonathan Levine does something. I'm really excited to see it."

Are you excited to see zombie love story "Warm Bodies"? Let us know in the comments.

The 2012 Sundance Film Festival is officially under way, and the MTV Movies team is on the ground reporting on the hottest stars and the movies everyone will be talking about in the year to come. Keep it locked with MTV Movies for everything there is to know about Sundance.

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A Year's Worth of Leadership Growth: 12 Skills to Hone

Leadership development is a continual process. As such it can be challenging to think of leadership skills that may need learning or refreshing. This article suggests 12 leadership skills to consider brushing up on. The skills are not listed in any particular order but they are all interrelated. Commit to mastering one per month and by year's end you'll have completed one heck of a leadership development program.

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Reese Witherspoon To Premiere 'This Means War' Clip On MTV

Actress will join MTV News for a sit-down airing January 31 at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV and MTV.com.
By Gil Kaufman

Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy in "This Means War"
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Reese Witherspoon will sit down with MTV News for an exclusive interview and premiere of a previously unseen clip from her upcoming film "This Means War." The special, "MTV First: Reese Witherspoon," will air on January 31 at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV.

Following the on-air segment, Academy Award winner Witherspoon will stay for an additional 30-minute interview on MTV.com with MTV News' Josh Horowitz. Fans can be a part of the action right away by submitting video or text questions starting Monday (January 23) on MTV.com or via Twitter by using the @MTVNews hashtag #MTVFirst.

Witherspoon stars in the McG-directed comedy-action film as a seductive female dating two of the world's deadliest CIA operatives (played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) whose partnership and friendship is put in jeopardy when they begin to battle for her affections. Instead of 'fessing up to her about the love triangle, they try to settle the matter using all the weapons at their disposal.

The film also stars one of Witherspoon's real-life pals, comedian and "Chelsea Lately" host Chelsea Handler, who gives Reese's character the terrible advice that she should continue dating both men.

After positive word-of-mouth during test screenings, Twentieth Century Fox pushed the movie's release date up by three days to Valentine's Day (February 14). "After all," said director McG, "everyone needs a little action on Valentine's Day."

Check out everything we've got on "This Means War."

For young Hollywood news, fashion and "Twilight" updates around the clock, visit HollywoodCrush.MTV.com.

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Auto Forex Trading - What To Look For In A Forex Robot

The Forex industry is the biggest market in the world with almost a four trillion dollar turnover every single day. It is several times larger than the stock market, which gives you an opportunity to earn a huge amount of profits. Even if you can get even a tiny slice of the amount being transacted in the Forex market, you can become incredibly wealthy. However, not all of us may have the time and the aptitude to trade efficiently in the forex market. Fortunately, there are automated expert advisors known as Forex robots which can trade automatically on your behalf.

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6 Steps to Improve Profits Through Business Process Redesign

Today the business landscape is constantly changing. With internet applications such as social media and company web sites, potential buyers are leveraging their shared knowledge and demanding faster service and lower product prices. Consumers can be fickle so the business owner faces the challenge of reacting quickly to these pressures while dealing with relatively fixed product and labor costs.

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Rankings: Loeb set for Monte gains

Sebastien Loeb made a fitting start to his bid for a ninth World Rally crown by dominating from the front on the second day of Monte Carlo. The Frenchman had trailed Ford's Jari-Matti Latvala after the second stage of the event, only for the Finn to crash out of the rally on the final stage of day one - ending the prospect of a grandstand fight between the pair

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Know Yourself, Be Yourself

Are you able to express your personality, beliefs and values in your work? Are your beliefs and values compromised by what you are expected to do in pursuit of earning a living? Does your current role help you to achieve your ambitions and aspirations?

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Romancing The Chocolate: Cookies: Vanilla Rich Chocolate Chip

This is basically your standard chocolate chip recipe but with the difference of lots of extra vanilla extract to punch up the intensity.  They should probably rename these cookies to Intense Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Starting an Island Business - Hire a Logistics Company to Maintain Your Inventory Supply: 5 Reasons

If you're considering starting an island business, first of all, Congratulations. Starting a business on an island is a great way to take advantage of tax shelters, and decreased regulation. However, you may be concerned about your ability to ship your goods off of the island.

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Custom Flags - One Good Way To Promote Your Business

Business organizations worldwide are constantly on a mad rush to remain on top of their game. All of them are perpetually incorporating the latest innovations in the industry to reach to as many customers as possible. With hundreds of methods to help them reach their targets, there are some that are more beneficial than others. Take the custom flag method for instance. It has an array of advantages to a business.

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How To Guarantee Your Business Succeeds In 2012

The world of business has graduated to new levels of advertising, marketing, product creation & delivery. Millionaires are being made virtually over night, and the crazy thing is, these business owners are no more "special" than you or me... they just know certain things that most people don't.

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Mateschitz: Vettel ?stronger than ever?

Sebastian Vettel's rivals have been warned that the double Formula 1 world champion is better prepared for the forthcoming season than he has ever been before. Although Vettel dominated the 2011 campaign, winning 11 races en route to his second title, the Red Bull Racing driver is showing no signs of taking things for granted in his efforts to grab another crown. Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz told Gazzetta dello Sport on Friday that he believed Vettel was heading into the 2012 season in his best shape ever

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rugged power-station computer has dual swappable power supplies

GarrettCom announced a ruggedized industrial computer that has been & hardened& for use at power substations, featuring compliance with IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613 standards. The Magnum 10C Substation Computer is equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, up to 2GB of DDR2 RAM, dual hot-swappable power supplies, gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, CompactFlash, plus optional serial and SATA ports....

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Apple's Market Cap Tickles $400 Billion

Hey, Exxon! Look behind you!

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After Bombing Sting, Hate Leader Warns Followers To Beware A Woman's Charm

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Portable Office Air Cleaners - Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Using a portable air cleaner in your office can really help improve your attitude, increase your productivity, and preserve your health. Here are 5 common mistakes to avoid when choosing your office air purifier.

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Grab Your Cash and Warm Up the Wagon -- ICANN Domain Rush Kicks Off Tomorrow

Get ready for a world of domain name clutter.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

TTR Sony Ericsson Snowboard Fest 2012 - Teaser

The biggest snowboard competition in Slovakia - SONY ERICSSON SNOWBOARD FEST ranked by TTR 4 Star takes place 18th February in PARK SNOW DONOVALY. Make sure to come and see this epic fight for 10,000USD price money between top snowboarders from around the world.

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Become As Strong in Your Finances As You Are in Battle

As a veteran, there are many opportunities available for financial assistance for different circumstances such as medical care or buying a home. These opportunities are often helpful for veterans who may exist on limited income. But regardless of the benefits and the other financial assistance available to veterans, the reality is that many veterans are still struggling with debts and still trying hard to make ends meet.

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How Mobile Technology Can Help You Plan Conventions and Events

Mobile technology has come a long way since its inception into society over a decade ago. While this technology was initially more or less limited to the industry in which it resided, mobile technology has now become integrated into virtually all areas of life.

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Why to Choose the Best Buy Credit Card

Look through the Best Buy credit card review, get information about credit lines. Also, you can find out what the best buy reward zone offers you, learn more about certificates, rewards and so on.

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Salomon Freeski TV Episode 11: Selkirks Touring

Deep in the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia Chris Rubens, Elyse Saugstad and Kim Havell put the new Salomon Guardian binding to the test.

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Pipe Welding: How To Get Ready For The Coming Oil Boom (Yes, A New US Oil and Gas Boom - Soon)

What's in the news? The President is delaying approval of the giant keystone pipeline from Canada to Texas. The Canadian Prime Minister is in China looking for another buyer for the oil that would go down the pipe to Texas. Alternative energy companies are failing. Europe is falling apart with economic problems. What does it all add up to? A U.S. oil and gas boom, soon.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finance for Beginners

Trading is possibly as old as humanity. It has been there since man discovered that he could commerce his additional stone knife for somebody else. Nowadays this method is bartering, but it is exactly the same method.

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Serviced Offices - The Right Choice in This Financial Crisis

Higher flexible options in cost and office management supplies are some of the top reasons businesses are tending towards serviced offices. If you want to reduce your business rental costs and want to have a fully functional office just with a simple deal, then Serviced offices are the right choice for your office rental solutions.

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Understand What Forex Trading Is - The Basics of Currency Trading

During the early 1970's when latest currency rates were emerging and fixed currency exchanges were becoming outdated, that is when the Forex market. Ever since then, the advent of telephones, computers and other technological progress has resulted in the significant growth of this market place. Thus, the market has become conveniently accessible for a large number of partakers.

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Forex Megadroid Review - Forex Autopilot That Actually Works

There are plenty of ways these days to make money over the Internet, but they normally require you to have your own product and software to do the business. This involves a lot of money and energy and still there is no assurance that it will reap you benefits. Are you amongst those who are looking for various Forex strategies on forums, blogs, and discussion boards?

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Ways to Get Rid of a Collection Agency

No one likes getting calls from creditors, and if you are in need of debt relief and work out a reasonable solution with the creditor, that is all good. However, if you are being pursued by one of the many junk debt buyers out there and being harassed with threatening phone calls, you need to know your rights and FIGHT BACK! Several studies have shown that 9 out of 10 people, who disputed their debt, won their case.

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Why Keeping Your Team Happy Keeps Your Wallet Full

Many people are waiting for happiness. They figure some day everything will fall into place, and then they will be happy. But have you ever noticed that when you are sitting around waiting for something to happen or someone to call, it never seems to happen?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Validation of Debt Letter

The validation of debt letter is one of the most important tools to understand for anyone who is in the collections process. This letter can be of great value if used properly when dealing with original creditors and third party debt collectors.

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Analysis: Minority Voters Overwhelmingly Rejected Mississippi Voter ID Law

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What to Do About Collection Agency Threats

If there's one thing debt collection agents are probably well known for, it's their threats. They'll usually say just about anything to bully you into paying the debt. If it seems like you're oblivious of your rights, they might say things that are completely illegal. You should not let debt collectors push you over the edge. You should develop a thick skin toward their threats and take action when they say anything that is against the law.

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Here Are Three Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Live Today With No Credit Card

Trying to live a consumer lifestyle today with no credit card is a bit like a toothless dog trying to chew a Buffalo bone. To put it mildly, it is almost impossible. Today has become a very digitalised world and wherever you go online to buy something, you need a credit or debit card to pay for whatever you want to buy.

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How To Guarantee Your Business Succeeds In 2012

The world of business has graduated to new levels of advertising, marketing, product creation & delivery. Millionaires are being made virtually over night, and the crazy thing is, these business owners are no more "special" than you or me... they just know certain things that most people don't.

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How Debt Dispute Letters Could Work for You

The pitch in a debt dispute is how you are able to communicate the dispute to your creditor or collections agency effectively. Debt dispute letters play an important role in a debtor's credit collection situation. Do not deal with debt dispute letters empty handed.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Affordable Local Marketing Techniques For Your Business

If you have a business that offers products or services to a specific geographic market, finding the best way to make your target audience aware of your presence should be an ongoing process. There are a number of affordable local marketing techniques that you should try and utilize. At the initial stage, it needs to be made clear that the internet has the power and potential to dramatically enhance your turnover and sales.

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Motorsport Stars Gravitate to iRacing at Autosport International

Last week saw iRacing make their first ?full? appearance at the Autosport International Show with a dedicated booth.� In the opening two-days (reserved for the motorsport trade patrons), the iRacing stand (72465) was one of the busiest at the NEC, Birmingham show.With a pair of VRX 3D motion simulators, the iRacing display brought delight to sim-racers, race fans and drivers alike. The first professional driver to dip his toe into the iRacing Motorsport Simulator was Mercedes-Benz DTM driver/McLaren F1 tester Gary Paffett.� Paffett found himself pitted against Sky Sports correspondent Craig Butler in a demo race featuring the HPD ARXo1cat Spa-Francorchamps.� With the benefit of some guidance from Kevin Bobbitt, iRacing Director of Marketing, Butler and Paffett started their three-lap sprint. Following a close start, Parfett was able ro break [...]

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How to Build Credit for New Immigrants or If You Have to, For Yourself

It's very difficult to know where to start to build credit when you don't have any. Financial institutions and creditor's see new immigrants and people born here who have no credit at all as a high risk since they often don't have any history to support their request for credit. Here are a few simple ways to get your credit started and to improve your credit so that lending Institutions and Creditor's will start to give you a chance and approve you for credit.

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How To Make At Least $80 A Day After Investing Less Than $500

Why are there so many sign shakers out there on corners? Maybe it's because it works. Am I suggesting you go shake a sign? People are so hungry for work, you would probably not be able to get work shaking a sign. However, in this article, we'll show you how to quickly get all the sign shaking work you want, period.

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Grab Your Cash and Warm Up the Wagon -- ICANN Domain Rush Kicks Off Tomorrow

Get ready for a world of domain name clutter.

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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - What You Need To Know

Key points to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Understanding your rights is imperative in solving debt problems. Get advice on how to proceed if you feel your rights have been violated.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

KIMI R�IKK�NEN: ?I can't wait to get back behind the wheel?

Kimi, it has been three weeks since you were confirmed as a Lotus Renault GP driver for the 2012 season. How have you found the reaction to your F1 return? KR: I have been surprised at how big the reaction has been so I guess people must have missed me! What has been the best moment so far? KR: Sebastian Vettel's impersonation of me at the Autosport awards! No, seriously, my two visits to Enstone have been great. The first one, at the team's Christmas party, made me realise how much (...)


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An ambassador's journey back to Patagonia

Patagonia ambassador and store employee, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy recently documented her trip to Patagonia with with fell passionate environmentalist, a 1% for the Planet member, Sol Raiz Organics, big-wave surfer Jamie Sterling, and filmmaker Jack McCoy. The goal of the trip was to experience and learn about the landscapes and cultures of the regions, as well as, to see how they can share their understandings of the current environmental, social, and economical happenings throughout. permit practice test tennessee driver ed to go cdl study guide

Making The Career Change to Pharmaceutical Selling

The healthcare industry, which includes the pharmaceutical industry, is considered a lucrative business sector judging from the companies' turnover that directly involve in it. There are many factors that drive this industry and without a doubt, solid marketing and selling play a part in driving the whole industry to such height.

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How to Speed Up the Client OnBoarding Process

Before we point out the steps on speeding up the client onboarding process, let's first define what the phrase means. Also termed as organizational socialization, onboarding pertains to the process in which new workers obtain the necessary data, behavior and skills to become ready and efficient in carrying out their roles and responsibilities as the company's or organization's members. Strategies that are utilized in this particular process may involve formal meetings, videos, lectures, printouts and/or software-based orientation to familiarize the newbies to their new line of work and the business they'll be working for.

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Reputation Management Consultants

You can never be fully aware of the impact of harmful information on the Internet. Whether the destructive listings are by way of a news site, a message board or a competitor, the impact could be challenging financially as it can potentially shatter your reputation online and destroy your business ultimately. In the event that your online business becomes the recipient of negative contents, you should begin considering what this is doing to your online reputation.

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Several Effective Ways For Repairing Your Credit

In today's economic climate, credit repair is no longer the exception, but the rule. If you need a complete overhaul or a simple tune up, these tips will help you to improve your credit score.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Driving Demand in 13 Steps

Driving demand is not rocket science. There is no fancy formula or secret. All it really takes is a fundamental commitment to discovering the most efficient way to be productively successful and convert that into a process that empowers the organization to be repeatedly successful. At its fundamental core, the most important component of the demand process is knowledge. For it is through the application of knowledge from our successful experiences that we are able to examine, understand, duplicate, and repeat those accomplishments. This article takes a look at the key components that influence successful growth outcomes and put the demand engine in the highest gear.

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You May Be In Debt, But You Do Not Have To Stay In Debt

Most people don't simply wake up one morning and find themselves in debt. Debt has a way of creeping up on people slowly. It can start with one little late interest payment, or an emergency that forces you to take out a payday advance loan and before you know it you find yourself juggling payments never quite having enough money to make ends meet...READ ON >>>

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'Medfield' Atom breaks cover -- will be in Lenovo and Motorola phones

Intel and Motorola announced a multi-year agreement focused on the development of Atom-powered, Android-based phones and tablets. Meanwhile, Intel showed off an smartphone reference platform and a Lenovo K800 handset that both run Android on the & Medfield& processor -- now unveiled as the Atom Z2460 -- and third-party benchmarks rated the CPU high marks in performance and power consumption....

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Understand What Forex Trading Is - The Basics of Currency Trading

During the early 1970's when latest currency rates were emerging and fixed currency exchanges were becoming outdated, that is when the Forex market. Ever since then, the advent of telephones, computers and other technological progress has resulted in the significant growth of this market place. Thus, the market has become conveniently accessible for a large number of partakers.

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Management Versus Leadership: Good Versus Poor Leaders

Management is the ability to plan well and then implement that plan to produce the desired results with optimal use of all necessary resources (human, material, and intangible) within the designated time scale and in accordance with the specified standards of quality. Managers that plan well, communicate well and coach their team will be perceived as good managers. Managers that manage by crisis, do not communicate adequately and feel that their staff should learn by themselves will be perceived as bad managers. Managers are paid to work for success by thinking of as many ways and means of ensuring the desired results are produced.

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Lola Drayson bids for Formula E supply

The new Lola-Drayson partnership is aiming to be the chassis and drivetrain supplier to the FIA's new Formula E series. The partnership took the wraps off its first collaboration - the all-electric B12/ 69EV - at the Cleaner Racing Conference in Birmingham's NEC today. However, the LMP1-based car is just a showcase for the electric technology beneath the surface.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Story We'll Hear More About

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Use Custom Ticket Printing for Seamless Brand Integration!

Do you have an event coming up, and need to have tickets made? While these are a relatively small piece of printed material, they have a big impact in consumer's minds.

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Secrets to Science Government Contracting

You need to pursue the government agency. Yes, it does take time and resources. The time you put in to marketing to the agency is not wasted, as long as you know that they buy your services or products. Just as your private customers, you need to know if they can use your company.

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Safe Haven Forex Investing

Traditionally, experienced investors have always gravitated to what they've considered safe havens during the more uncertain financial times. They correctly recognized the necessity to keep their money producing for them especially through the most hazardous of market conditions.

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How to Decide If Being a Dispatcher Is Right for You

Have you considered becoming a dispatcher, but aren't sure if you're cut out for it? Here are five steps to help you make the decision.

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How to Get New Patients for Your Chiropractic Business

If you want to keep you patient-load steady you will need to constantly get new chiropractic patients. As your patients come and go, it is necessary to keep adding to keep the numbers steady. It takes sound business and marketing practices in addition to your role as a practitioner to keep this number level.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Dental Assistant Salary: The Five Highest Earnings By State and Metropolitan Area

The dental assistant salary is expected to increase substantially over the next seven years.The field of dentistry is continuing to expand in an economy where most job industries are suffering. An estimate taken in 2010 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the dental field is projected to increase by around 38 to 40 percent by the year of 2018.

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Trade Show Display Traffic At A Low? Why A Customized Banner Stand Can Help

Businesses looking to boost trade show exhibit traffic can use customized banner stands to grab the crowd's attention. Read on to find out more.

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The Tao of Leadership: The Emerging Servant Leadership Paradigm

With the greatest leader above them, people barely know one exists. The great leader speaks little. He never speaks carelessly.

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Certified Financial Planner School for CFP Exam Prep

Personal orders and syndication are some of the vital difficulties of dealing with the great obligation and check. Some variables that affect the part of resources and administration at different stages and classes. Progression of people and firms, and will depend on several variables, mainly the part of money and a great restoration expenditures.

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Forex Leading Indicators: Is There A True Leading Indicator?

A leading indicator is an indicator that will tell you where the market is going. A lagging indicator will tell you where the market has been. However, most indicators are lagging indicators and traders have learnt to use a combination of indicators to forecast the market movement. However, there is a hidden leading indicator few traders have discovered as yet.

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Beware of Fraud While Buying Foreign Currency

Many people have the hobby of buying foreign currency for investment. Beware of fraud if you plan to buy Iraqi currency for investment. These currencies can be bought from an online dealer.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Libeert Leads the ?French Connection? at Watkins Glen

In a breathtaking 56 laps around the virtual Watkins Glen ‘classic boot’ configuration, Samuel Libeert took advantage of champion-elect Atze Kerkhof’s absence to register his second win in the iRacing.com Pro Series Road Racing championship. Even though the Team Radicals online racer started from the third row of the grid, Libeert cut his way through the field to take the chequered flag and lead home a French 1-2-3 at the line. As 35 iRacing Williams-Toyota FW31s — headed by Twister Racing’s Simon Crochart, who posted a qualifying time of 1:17.559 ? took to the grid, no one could have predicted the chaos that was about to ensue. As the lights turned to green, the engine of Team Podium Assault’s Ian Lake decided it wasn’t going to take any further part [...]

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Forex Spreads Explained

In Forex trading, you will notice the term "spread" mentioned often. Spreads are relatively simple, but you must take some time to understand what they actually are and how they work. In Forex, a spread is simply the difference between the "ask" and "bid" price.

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Exclusive : Kimi back behind the wheel

?I have not sat in an F1 car since the last race of the 2009 season? smiled Kimi, as he jumped into the cockpit for his first seat fitting at Enstone today. The Finn was with us all day and, despite a heavy technical programme, took time to answer his fans' questions. Stay tuned for (...)


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Is LinkedIn The Secret Weapon for Joint Venture Success?

Joint Venture Marketing is talked about often and social media allows those of us that us it to find JV partners easily. LinkedIn is my favorite social platform and has allowed me to develop my relationship marketing or joint venture marketing at a much faster pace than ever before. This article explains some of the ways I've set up my LinkedIn and social media marketing to create 5 figure joint venture deals.

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Way Ahead Of Schedule

nc drivers license test stop and go driving school driver license appointment

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Harvey stays with Carlin in British F3

Jack Harvey has set his sights on winning the 2012 British F3 title after confirming he will stay with title-winning squad Carlin for a second season in the championship.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

TTR Poney Session Teaser 2012

The TTR 4 star event Poney Session is galloping back to celebrate its 10th Year in style! From 8th March to 11th March 2012 the Poney Session will be held in Saint Lary Soulan in the Pyrenees. This years seasonal theme is set to be 'hunting and fishing'.Some of the best snowboarders will attempt the craziest European event giving you pure entertainment from Slopestyle to Break Dancing.The best Electro Party is being prepared and, in brief, one of the naughtiest events ever!Poney session is back in the game! So see you in March from 8th to 11th in Saint Lary Soulan in the French Pyrenees with Friendship, Snowboarding, Fishing, Hunting & fun!

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How Smart Meters Can Save You Money

Smart meters are still fairly new and are not yet a requirement for UK households, but they may prove beneficial in saving you money and helping electricity suppliers to offer better energy tariffs to its customers, plus switching energy suppliers will be a smoother and efficient process. Smart meters replace an existing electric meter and work similar to an electricity meter except smart meters read and send electricity readings to the energy supplier immediately. Smart meters communicate directly with the energy company and no longer require quarterly meter readings.

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