Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ferrari, RBR change test plans again

Ferrari and Red Bull Racing have been forced to abandon plans to run a revised testing programme at Barcelona this week following the intervention of the FIA. Both outfits had hoped to run from Friday to Monday at Barcelona, instead of the Thursday to Sunday schedule that other outfits present at the test had originally agreed to. However, Ferrari revealed on Tuesday morning that an FIA clarification of article 22.4 of Formula 1's sporting regulations, which governs testing, on Monday night had meant it was no longer possible to stick to its change of plans

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How to Be a Trader Lesson VIII - The Forex Trader Knowledge

Knowledge means different things to different people. For me anything that doesn't have a practical application in life is worthless. Many people, and definitely many forex traders, think knowledge is filling their head with tons of information. The more you know the wiser you are.'s not.

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Samsung spins another S phone, and Motorola announces unlocked Razr

Samsung announced a 1GHz & Galaxy S Advance& phone running Android 2.3 on a dual-core 1GHz processor and featuring a four-inch Super-AMOLED screen -- slated for Russia in February. Meanwhile, Motorola announced a Europe-targeted, unlockable & Razr Developer Edition& and is preparing a similar Android device for the U.S. & in the coming months.& ...

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Six Things to Do When You've Lost Your Job

Wake up everybody! Get out of the unemployment line, and launch your new and improved life: This is not the end of your world. It's the beginning of a much happier career and lifestyle that's in alignment with what your soul came here to accomplish. This great economic meltdown is a call from our collective unconscious. It's a paradigm shift aimed at reconnecting us with our original purpose.

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The Best Jobs For College Students

Everyone says that we need a college education, but how are you going to support yourself while attending school. No one ever thinks about the expense of living while receiving a better education. What are you going to do? How will you eat? Where are you going to stay? These are all important questions when deciding what school one will attend and how far away you can go to attend a brick and mortar accredited university.

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Kobayashi plays down Sauber?s pace

Kamui Kobayashi warned not to pay too much attention to his timesheet-topping performance in Barcelona testing on Friday - but believes Sauber looks capable of achieving consistent points finishes and has made strides with its reliability. The Japanese driver set the fastest time of the Catalunya testing week yesterday morning with a lap in 1m22.312s. "It's testing, it's better than nothing and it's better than last, for sure, but I don't think this is a real result," he said.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Debt Collection Letters: Five Steps to Help You Cope

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was enacted by Congress to give you rights when dealing with debt collection agencies, but in order to take advantage of these rights, you first have to know them. Here's a simple plan that allows you to use the Act when dealing with a debt collection letter.

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States Get Serious In Confronting Sovereign Citizen Movement

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Symantec inaugurates O3 cloud-based single sign-on service

At the RSA Conference Tuesday, Symantec announced general availability of its O3 cloud-based single sign-on (SSO) and authentication service, which adheres to a concept company CEO Enrique Salem outlined exactly a year ago at RSA 2011. Symantec also provided detail on future capabilities the O3 cloud service will have for data-loss prevention and encryption.

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Are Succession Plans Needed for Family Businesses?

In any business, at some point the principle or leader will need to pass the torch onto the next generation to run things. It is vital to make sure that the proper plans are in place to insure that this process is handled properly.

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Tips, Payments & Donations go mobile with electronic payments.

Mobile MicroPayments come to Smart Phones, for the a Charity, Service Worker, Politician, the 99% & more.
On the look out for new technology that helps people in their daily lives, which can also make them money? Check out the 3D QR Code Powered, the agnost …

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Signs: Effective Ways To Attract Customers

If you're struggling to find ways to attract customers to your business, few methods can be as effective as using good signs. If you've ever wondered why other companies spend so much time and money on this simple form of advertising, wonder no longer. It works.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Forex Market Investor and Boxing Champions

There is a lot of resemblance between boxing and trading the forex market. When a boxer sets foot in a ring, even the undefeated champion, he can't expect to go through the boxing session without receiving a couple of punches back. You should realize that experiencing small losses, while trading in the forex market, is just part of the deal.

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Stewart wins first Daytona Duel

Reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart claimed victory in the opening Gatorade Duel race to set the field for Sunday's Daytona 500. The Stewart-Haas driver edged out Hendrick's Dale Earnhardt Jr for the win as the race ended under caution following a big crash for Danica Patrick on the last lap. Patrick was unhurt.

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Credit Repair: Is It An Absolute Necessity?

Do you know how much debt you have? Are you aware that having too much credit can affect your credit worthiness or your credibility as a borrower? Maintaining a good credit score is essential because it determines the probability of being approved or denied loans, insurance, or employment in the future.

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Mikkelsen takes early Azores lead

Reigning Intercontinental Rally Challenge champion Andreas Mikkelsen took a narrow early lead over 2010 title-winner Juho Hanninen as the 2012 series got underway in the Azores this afternoon. Last year Mikkelsen produced a breakthrough challenge for victory on this event - then held in the summer - before Skoda requested that he hold position behind works driver and rally leader Hanninen.

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Forex Market Workshop Lesson I - Finding Your Trader Type

Most people that try currency trading, for the first time, fail out miserably. I think I can offer you some tips to increase the odds in your favor. The very first thing you need to know is what type of trader are you going to be? There are many good systems, out there, that work beautifully for one person and fails big time for another.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top Fundraiser Becomes Absentee Ambassador

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TTR Tricks - Seppe Smits 3rd place Slopestyle run at World Snowboarding Championships

TTR Tricks - Belgian snowboarder Seppe Smits winning run at the TTR World Snowboarding Championships 2012 in Oslo, Norway. The best snowboard tricks.

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Why Many Forex Traders Fail

There are actually a number of reasons why many Forex traders and investors fail. Trading currencies is not easy and not everyone will succeed, but anyone can succeed if they understand why others don't and act upon it. The majority of people think that Forex trading is a get-rich-quick scheme, however, it is not at all in reality.

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The Holy Grail of Forex Trading Strategies

The search for the perfect Forex trading system will continue, for as long as people trade currencies. Winning Forex traders know that there is no holy grail.

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You Can't Go Wrong With a Good Corporate Gift Basket

Giving corporate gifts can be expensive and stressful. Finding an easy to assemble, all purpose, and successful gift is not the easiest thing to do. Or is it? With food gift baskets, you may just have the answer.

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Learn All About Personal Assistant Jobs

A personal assistant (also abbreviated as "PA") has more duties than simply scheduling meetings, and answering the phone. Tasks may involve managing your boss' diary, delegating duties to other staff members, and helping your employer organize his daily activities.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Quickly: Simple Steps

"How to pay off credit card debt quickly" is a concern of a lot of people. There is actually no easy way to pay for debt, but there are ways or methods that will help you pay it off. From assessing your mindset regarding the credit card to practicing more careful spending; it is all in your mind and depends only on you whether or not you will be able to handle debt.

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Resource Management Planning Made Simple With Enterprise Solutions

It is undeniable that the modern world is being driven by information technology. Regardless of whether we talk about space research facilities or a local supermarket, the involvement of computers has become indispensable in today's IT-driven age.

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My Top 5 My Credit Building Secrets

The new economy now requires a credit score of 700 and above. A score of 650 is marginal so your goal should be to get your credit score to at least 700 as quickly as possible. There are some effective steps to improve credit score, not the gimmicks you see advertised everywhere. Especially, watch out for the "Free Annual Credit Report" scam. There is only one government authorized free annual credit report.

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Valentine's Wishes To Your Employees

It sounds silly but showing your employees how much you care (and not just on St. Valentine's Day, by providing quality tools that set them up for success will be a morale - and bottom line - booster. Check out this article on a time tracking app that could very well be the catalyst toward this professional success.

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Why Do We Buy Fragrance?

I recently bought a bottle of perfume for my wife for Valentines Day. I had no idea what brand to buy her but I was dazzled by the merchandising of one particular brand that had everything beautifully gift wrapped. I asked the shop assistant to gift wrap the perfume I had chosen for my wife.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Stroustrup reveals what's new in C++ 11

Bjarne Stroustrup first started developing the the C++ language in 1979 at Bell Labs. Back then, it was called "C with Classes," and it was created as part of an experiment in distributed computing. In the 30-plus years since, the language has taken off, becoming one of the most popular programming languages in use today.

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Holiday Shopping Tips: Buying Gifts With a Low Credit Score

Buying gifts with less-than-perfect credit score is difficult, but not impossible. Check out these tips for holiday shopping with a low credit score.

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Oscars 2012: Our Biggest Burning Questions

Only time will tell just how many statuettes will 'The Artist' take home and whether talking puppets will grace the Oscar stage.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo in "The Artist"
Photo: Weinstein Company

In the days leading up to Sunday's Academy Awards, the night's six biggest categories have clear favorites. But many of our burning questions remain unanswered. Even without the potential for surprises built into the major races, there's still plenty left to leave us speechless.

Here are our biggest burning questions heading into Oscar night:

How big will "The Artist" be?
At this point, few can really doubt that the ode to silent film is going to win, and it's going to win big. With Best Picture more or less locked for "The Artist," only one question remains: How many statuettes will it take home? Its star Jean Dujardin is poised to take Best Actor and Michel Hazanavicius should take Best Director, since that award tends to precede Best Picture. But the film has many nominations in technical categories that are still undecided.

Will the Muppets surprise?
Soon after Eddie Murphy stepped down as host, an internet campaign gained steam supporting the Muppets hot off their big-screen comeback as replacements. The Academy ultimately went with Billy Crystal for the hosting gig, but a nomination for the song "Man or Muppet" gave fans hope for a big musical number during the ceremony. Alas, neither it nor its sole competitor, "Real in Rio," will get live performances, but the Muppets could surprise with an appearance bigger than their scheduled presentation.

Is "A Separation" a lock for foreign film?
With a screenwriting nomination to its credit, the Iranian film stands far in the lead for Best Foreign Language Film, but bigger upsets have occurred. "The Lives of Others" stole the thunder of Guillermo del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth," and "The Secret in Their Eyes" beat out both "A Prophet" and "The White Ribbon." This could be a favorite that may face a disappointing surprise.

Who will end the "In Memoriam" montage?
Based on prestige, the honor goes to Elizabeth Taylor, who died a month after last year's ceremony. Buzz and tragedy levels say it will go to Whitney Houston. One should not forget Steve Jobs, whose involvement with Pixar certainly qualifies him for a mention, but may be too tangential to be included. It's a morbid question, but one people genuinely wonder about.

How will Billy Crystal do?
As a last minute stand-in for Murphy, the Academy Awards' second most experience host is getting another shot after eight years away from the gig. But will his usual Oscar routine be enough to hold the audience's attention after all these years? The day-after assessment of hosts usually amounts to a thumb up or a thumb down, but where Crystal will land after his ninth outing remains to be seen.

What burning questions do you have about the Oscars? Let us know in the comments section!

The MTV Movies team has the 2012 Oscars covered! Stick with us for everything you need to know leading up to the awards show, and on Sunday, February 26, tune into at 5 p.m. ET for our two-and-a-half-hour red-carpet live stream and updates on the night's big winners. To join the live conversation, tweet @MTVNews with the hashtag #Oscars.

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Why Work on Your Poor Credit History Today?

The fluctuations in the worldwide economy inflicted huge financial woes on to many consumers in the past three years. A large percentage of the working class lost their jobs and were forced to grab low-paying employment opportunities just so they could support the basic needs of their families. However, with meager financial resources, most of these individuals failed to keep up with their credit payments. And this in turn inflicted severe damage to their credit history.

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Are You Experiencing Collection Harassment by a Debt Collector? Here's What to Do

You're receiving calls all hours of the night, and when you pick up the phone, it's someone wanting your bank account number to pay a debt. Or maybe you're being hounded about a debt that you're not even sure is yours. Perhaps you're sick of being called names and ridiculed by a debt collector because you lost your job and aren't able to pay your bills. Whatever is going on, if you're the victim of debt collection harassment, we've got good news for you.

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Things to Avoid When Using Mobile Phone Marketing?

The immediacy and the personal importance of the mobile phone dictates the kind of information that should be sent to them. In mobile phone marketing, a thoughtful message is a well-received one.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Presented By:

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Finding the Right Fit for Your Meeting

On the way to finding the fit that is "just right" for their meetings, planners are often lured into the "Goldilocks' Dilemma,": too small, too costly, not the right space. It's far too easy to end up in unfamiliar territory when you're out there looking for your next meeting locale! So what's a planner to do? Why, connect with a local expert from the destination's Convention and Visitors Bureau, of course!

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10 Things That Don't Impact Your Credit Score

Your credit score can be a weight around your shoulders or a free and liberating number. When you're looking to make significant purchases, your credit score says a lot to those lending you the money. Learn more about what factors do not come into play with your credit score.

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Be Smart When Choosing a Student Credit Card

Getting your first credit card is a big deal. It's a rite of passage that comes with a huge amount of responsibility because it lays the groundwork for your credit history - good or bad. Choosing the right card and using it responsibly are essential components of establishing your personal credit foundation. A student credit card is often the start of a credit history for many young adults.

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Debt Relief - What Happens After A Debt Is Charged Off?

More and more people turn to the Internet to find a solution to debt relief. Often they have discovered -- after checking their credit report following getting turned down for a loan -- that there has been a charge off in their own credit history. They discover that this derogatory mark has led to a whole host of financial roadblocks preventing them from buying on credit what they want to own right now. Fixing a bruised credit report when it's in this condition is possible -- but it will require commitment, persistence, and patience as one learns to write letters to fix a credit report. To start, we'll explore exactly what happens after debts have been charged off by a creditor.

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How to Get Out of Debt Successfully

Getting out of debt is not a very difficult task if you know how to go about it. There are a number of tactics you can use to get out of debt. These include methods to quickly finance your debts and finish payments.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Code Analysis

Often, programmers like to create "back doors" to the software systems they write. Most of the time, there is no nefarious intent here. The back door is merely a means to an end, with the end being to facilitate debugging, or to allow an alternate way of accessing information in the event of a catastrophic software crash.

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When Should You Give Your Teenager a Credit Card - If At All?

Most parents of teens would much less hand over a credit card to their teen, than they would hand over a loaded gun. Teenagers are still at that stage where they think like kids. They don't quite understand all the consequences of their actions yet.

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Eurotech module adopts 32nm Atom

Eurotech announced a new member of its Catalyst computer-on-module (COM) family, this time based on Intel's 32nm & Cedar Trail& Atom processors. The Catalyst CV supports clock speeds up to 1.6GHz, DDR3 memory up to 4GB, 10/100 Ethernet, eight USB 2.0 ports, and four PCI Express x1 interfaces, according to the company....

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Is Your Leadership Limiting Your Organizations Ability to Grow?

Leadership capacity is more than simply skill development; it's about performance, growth, transformation and change. Great leaders not only understand how to engage and inspire their teams to get the best results - they understand the need to create participatory and collaborative processes that develop the abilities of the next generation of leaders.

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Guide to Credit Cards

Many people obtain credit cards as easily as buying clothes. Financial experts advise that you should consider certain factors before signing up for such a card. That piece of plastic is a great thing to have, but many people have been buried by huge debts because of their misuse.

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How Online Event Marketing Increases ROI?

Fortune 500 organizations as well as small one-man firms organize various events and programs to promote and market their products and services to a large number of people. Organizing business events are extremely important for enhancing your organization's brand image as well as improve lead generation, public relations, and so on. In addition to marketing products via the print media (newspapers, business magazines, hoardings, and so on), organizations have increasingly started using a myriad of online event marketing strategies to create public awareness about their products and services, to ultimately increase their ROI.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Machado joins Manor for GP3 season

Fabiano Machado will join the Marussia Manor Racing team for the upcoming GP3 season. The 25-year-old Brazilian dominated the South American Formula 3 championship last year, winning 17 races and setting 15 fastest laps and seven pole positions. He will be making his racing debut in Europe when the GP3 series kicks off in Barcelona in May.

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Downhill skicross at night - Red Bull Kronplatz Cross 2012

Check out all the action from Red Bull Kronplatz Cross, taking place in Plan de Corones (South Tyrol). Red Bull pro Team, consisting of the Czech world ski cross champion Tomas Kraus, silver X-Games medal Filip Flisar and by the Finnish athlete Jouni Pellinen, came away with a victory.

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'The Voice' Recap: Christina Aguilera Picks Up Usher Sound-Alike

Plus, Blake Shelton tries to repeat his season one strategy by adding two unique female vocalists.
By John Mitchell

Jonathas performs on 'The Voice'
Photo: NBC

"The Voice" judges Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green proved as picky and discerning as ever on Monday night's fourth round of blind auditions. Several strong performers were turned away as the judges continued to carefully select the contestants they hope will go all the way to the finals — and in turn, win bragging rights for the last judge standing. And Cee Lo continued to inexplicably stroke a white cat during his to-the-camera interviews. "The Voice" is so weird and wonderful ... now, on to the show.

Team Christina
Aguilera got off to a strong start, scoring the night's first two contestants (well, the first two who got picked at all, that is). First up was Jonathas, a 23-year-old father of two who moved to the U.S. from Brazil at age 5 to escape poverty and violence. Sounding so much like Usher with his rendition of "U Got It Bad," Jonathas fooled the judges at first. "I thought that was a prank," Cee Lo told the singer. "I thought that was actually Usher."

Again distinguishing what sets "The Voice" apart from its competition, Aguilera, who turned her chair for Jonathas at the last minute, noted that as a pop singer, she has experience with choreography and the inner workings of pop star packaging, things that could aid Jonathas in his quest for stardom. "She's got packages on her mind," Cee Lo joked, trying to steal away the crooner. But it didn't matter, he picked the big-voiced Xtina.

Aguilera didn't have to win the night's next contestant, Monique Benabou — she was the lone judge to turn her chair for the singer on Shelton's recommendation. The country star felt Aguilera could shape Benabou as a vocalist. In a rare non-bickering moment, Shelton even called his fellow judge the best female vocalist of her generation.

In another last-minute chair swivel, the "Beautiful" singer also picked up the Texas-born son of a mega-church pastor, Anthony Evans, who sang Marvin Gaye's classic "What's Going On."

Team Blake
Shelton, who worked well with female vocalists last season, played to his proven strengths and added two unique-sounding ladies to his team: Naia Kete and Charlotte Sometimes.

Host Carson Daly hand-delivered Kete's invitation to the dreadlock-sporting street performer on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California, where she performs with her brother and boyfriend. The singer's textured delivery of "The Lazy Song" earned an immediate chair turn from Blake, who took another atypical vocalist, Dia Frampton, to the finals last season (and on tour with him this year).

As interesting as Sometimes' voice also was, her backstory was arguably even more compelling. As a child, the singer suffered from a jaw problem that nearly left her unable to sing and required surgery and several weeks with her mouth wired shut to correct. Her throaty, rock-rooted take on Timbaland and OneRepublic's "Apologize" got every judge's approval. While it seemed for a second like she might go with Cee Lo, Sometimes ultimately surprised and chose Shelton — after he reminded everyone that his unique-voiced ladies from the show's first season earned recording contracts, of course.

Team Cee Lo
The always colorful Cee Lo Green assembled what was easily the night's most diverse team, ranging from a flamboyant Broadway showman to a guitar-strumming sandwich shop worker from Chicago.

Green was the sole judge to turn his chair for theater vet Tony Vincent, who has starred in "Rent," "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "American Idiot." For his audition song, he chose Queen's "We Are the Champions," and he did so with good reason: He was lucky enough to get to work on the song with the surviving members of the band when he went to London and later Las Vegas to work on their musical "We Will Rock You."

He also snagged Jamie Lono, whose take on "Folsom Prison Blues" got Adam to turn his chair immediately. When Lono announced his profession as a sandwich maker, Cee Lo joked, "We should hook up then, 'cause I eat sandwiches." The music Renaissance man — a trait that continues to prove itself his biggest draw as a mentor — also picked up a favorite of Daly's, 30-year-old Justin Hopkins.

Hopkins used to play in the house band for Daly's late-night talk show, "Last Call With Carson Daly," and the host couldn't help but pull for his old buddy, saying, "I'm rooting for you, selfishly." Hopkins was also really hoping Cee Lo would turn around for him, gushing about the "Forget You" singer in his pre-performance interview. He got his wish.

Team Adam
The always charismatic Maroon 5 frontman was basically shut out until late in the show, picking up the night's final two contestants. The two lucky ladies to join the handsome singer's team couldn't have been more different.

First up was Nicolle Galyon, a classically trained pianist who sings country. Defiant that she would not have to change her instrument of choice to suit her genre, Galyon sang a fine rendition of "You Save Me" that nevertheless brought out her nerves. "I lose my voice when you're around too," Shelton jokingly said of his bro Levine (they seem a little bro-y these days, yes?).

Adam also added onetime med school student Mathai to his team, though he had to fend off Cee Lo and Blake to win over the young singer. Mathai only recently chose to break from the conventions of her conservative family to pursue music. Her performance of Adele's latest single, "Rumour Has It," inspired Blake to declare, "Attention: We are looking at a star." But ultimately, Mathai went with Levine, who now only has two open spots remaining on his 12-person team.

A few other singers were picked up by the judges, though their full performances did not air on the episode. Blake added Jordan Rager, whom he called a "true country singer," which is no doubt a mighty compliment coming from one of the most successful singers in the country game, as well as rocker Alyx. Adam seemed quite happy to add Karla Davis to his roster.

The judges were very picky Monday night letting many talented singers walk away from the competition. First among them was the artist Ducky, whose moustache Blake complimented before offering the rocker a drink to ease the pain of not getting picked up. Also given their walking papers were Erick Macek, who brought his own distinct acoustic flair to Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'," Dallas-born Eric Tipton and 19-year-old Dylan Chambers, who Aguilera liked but ultimately decided needed a few years to let his voice mature.

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You Have to Know the Territory

These comments are directed at what I call "operational managers." You know who you are: the people who make large organizations "tick" and move forward.

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How Important Is Your Web Portal to Your Company's Business?

There are a great many companies for whom their web portal represents a significant percentage of annual sales. In fact, for some companies, their web portal represents their entire sales channel (think Amazon, and most of the eBay Power Sellers).

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7 Words

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Senna: Barcelona to show truer picture

Bruno Senna thinks the second F1 test at Barcelona will show a truer picture than Jerez about where his Williams team stands. The majority of the Formula 1 teams ran with their new cars at Jerez last week, in the first of three pre-season tests in 2012.

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RIM Director: Our New CEO Isn't a Moron Like the Rest of You

Roger Martin would have us believe there was no one inside the company or out who was capable of running it properly -- until now.

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7 Words

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How to Communicate Proactively With Employees: 3 Leadership Methods That Increase Engagement

Usually the #1 thing that employees criticize about their company and manager is the lack of communication. We know why it's an issue. Managers get busy and they don't share information with employees. When there is a lack of information the rumor mills begins rolling really fast. Most of the time it's negative. You can head off communication problems with three key practices: effective team meetings, MBWA and one on one coaching sessions.

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Foreign Exchange Rates Calculator - One of the Most Prominent Forex Tools

The Foreign Exchange Rates Calculator can be used to display any foreign exchange rate on a website. This is a perfect Forex tool for web developers, website operators and blog owners. You can post and get the current foreign exchange rates on your website or blog for free. This is the latest web tool introduced by Forex. The exchange rates and other Forex information are updated twice daily to provide you with accurate figures. Forex offers many of its tools at no cost, which can be helpful for your Forex trading business. Also, you can attract more traffic to your financial website with these free Forex tools.

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The Real Issue

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Conference Notes and More Future Predictions for Proposal Profession

As promised here is the report I put together from the APMP Conference about the changes to the proposal industry. This list consist competition analysis, the trend in the amount of deals on the way and many other changes.

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Social Security Cards - Do You Need to See One?

When you hire a new employee do you need to see their social security card? How can you verify that their name and social security number match in the Social Security System?

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Jewish leaders offended by Ga. preacher's ceremony

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First Appearances Are Worth The Value

There is a general view in life that first appearances influence the overall view of the product and the company more than any other time. Certainly the reverse applies in that if the first appearance is very poor the supplier is at a very severe disadvantage on trying to turn around the general profile of the company. The laundry business is certainly one of those industries where appearance is of a major importance to the business and how it performs.

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Easy Ways To Get Out Of Debt Yourself

No matter how much debt you have, there is no reason why you cannot get out of debt on your own. You don't always need the help of credit counseling to remove your debts. Sometimes, the best way is to simply buckle down and start repaying that debt.

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2012 FIA Regulations highlights (Part2) - with James Allison

Following on from last week's FIA 2012 season Technical and Sporting Regulations announcement, we caught up with the team's Technical Director James Allison for some further views on the key changes we can expect to see in 2012. We feature part two below. Suspension Suspension members (wishbones/trackrods etc) are bound by strict aerodynamic limitations (limited chord, symmetrical section, maximum incidence angles etc). This is not true of the uprights which hold the wheel on to the (...)


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Nutritional Care Nurse Career

In this day and age, it seems we all need nutritional career nurses. This way we all know what we should eat and avoid. In this article, I discuss the nutritional care nurse career.

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Recount keeps Romney on top, but new results likely to prolong controversy

WASHINGTON — According to a recount by the state Republican party, Mitt Romney has increased his lead over Ron Paul to 239 votes in the Maine Republican caucuses.

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Discrete Forex Trading for Profits

By looking at most Forex traders, you will notice very few trade using conventional tactics. Discretionary traders tend to make more money in the long run.

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Moving Average Indicator - Three Types One Should Be Aware Of

You will do well in trading if you trade with trend. Along with moving average indicator you have a tool with your armory to identify and therefore go with the trend.

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The Effects of Terminating Your Lease on Your Credit

Figuring out your credit score can be tricky at times. One of those times is if you ever have to break a lease or rental agreement.

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How Commercial Janitorial Services Protect The Health Of Buildings And Those Who Enter Them

No matter what kind of facility it happens to be, there are always people behind the scenes keeping everything tidy. In today's world, many people who are afraid of getting sick do not have to worry as much. When there are qualified caretakers making sure messes are cleaned up and germs are destroyed, the likelihood of nasty viruses making their way around the building and into people's bodies becomes a little less.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Behavioral Interview Basics

Behavioral interviewing is a relatively new interviewing method. It is designed to predict how you will behave in the future based on how you have handled situations in the past. The questions are not traditional interview questions that directly ask about your knowledge and experience.

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Banks Favor Lending to Bigger Small Businesses

Very recently, November last year to be exact, the Wall Street Journal released an interesting story about banks and their credit preferences. It was discussed in this release that banks and other financial institutions are beginning to increase loans and lines of credit to small businesses. This does not mean, however, that they prefer 'every' small business niche and model.

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Happy Holidays!

The festive season is now well and truly upon us, and Lotus Renault GP would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As always, this time of year is extremely busy for all of us here at Enstone as we gear up for the challenge of a new season. Yet again this year we have had an incredible level of support from thousands of fans, and for this we are extremely grateful. We are already brimming with excitement for the year ahead, and we look forward to sharing the (...)


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Michael Bay's 'Transformers 4' Leaves Fans Divided

Filmmaker's impending return to the Autobots-Decepticons war is a hot topic of debate on this week's 'Talk Nerdy.'
By Josh Wigler

Director Michael Bay
Photo: Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage

The big-screen return of Optimus Prime was all but guaranteed when "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" earned more than a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. But less certain was the return of Michael Bay, the outspoken filmmaker who directed all three movies in the "Transformers" trilogy. Like leading man Shia LaBeouf before him, Bay hinted that "Dark of the Moon" would be his last time driving the Autobots forward. But as with all things "Transformers," it appears there was more than meets the eye with that story.

Bay's return for "Transformers 4" was confirmed this week during a conversation between MTV News and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. While most fans are thrilled at the prospect of seeing future "Transformers" films, others are skeptical about the return of Bay. That very question — to Bay or not to Bay — is one of the top topics of conversation in this week's edition of "Talk Nerdy." Check out the debate in the video below, and keep reading for more from this week's show!

Autobots Keep Decepticons at Bay
When it comes to "Transformers," Bay brings a lot to the table: money, name recognition and explosions aplenty. That formula has worked well for the past three "Transformers" movies, but is Bay really the right man for what's supposed to be a wholesale reboot? Team Nerdy was divided on the issue. See what they think in this week's episode.

Spidey Goes Viral
Beyond Bay, big news in the nerdy-movie space involved the arrival of a new "Amazing Spider-Man" viral campaign this week. On Monday, Peter Parker's backpack was dropped off at MTV News, followed a day later by a cell phone and cryptic message urging your friendly neighborhood Splash Page editor to stay tuned for further instructions. The details of the viral campaign remain unclear, but one thing's for sure: Anticipation for "Amazing Spider-Man" has never been higher. Watch "Talk Nerdy" for the gang's thoughts on the webslinger's big-screen comeback.

Burning for "Ghost Rider"
It's war at the box office this weekend as Chris Pine and Tom Hardy team up for "This Means War," going toe-to-flaming-skull against "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." Both are worthy films in their own right, according to the Nerdy team, though only one of these movies features burning urine. Proceed to your local theaters accordingly.

What do you think of this week's "Talk Nerdy" discussion? Tell us in the comments!

For breaking news and previews of the latest comic book movies — updated around the clock — visit

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Apple Orders Foxconn Labor Inspections

Apple has asked the Fair Labor Association to audit its overseas manufacturing partners.

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Mastering the KISS Method of Business

When I first heard of the "K.I.S.S. method" I was much younger and thought that it sounded like a great idea, I even think I was single at the time. But then, I heard that it really meant something that had nothing to do with kissing, but with business. It is an acronym for "Keep It Simple Stupid" or just KISS.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Does Pediatric Occupational Therapy Involve?

Pediatric occupational therapy is not merely a job but it is more of a vocation than anything else. One cannot just get into this kind of work without the love and compassion for kids. This job would require a person to take care of the young and make sure that the child will live a normal life just like he used to have.

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Poll Finds The Republican Party On The Verge Of Political Death

A new Democracy Corps survey has found that the Republican Party has begun 2012 by falling into state of near collapse, as over 50% of those polled gave the GOP a negative rating.
The Democracy Corps poll found three reasons for the Republican decline.

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Essential Project Management

Lacking a plan almost assuredly locks in failure as much as putting the wrong project manager in place. There is a specific skill set that is required from project managers that enables them to manage to an on-time, on-budget conclusion. It is critical for the organization to identify those key people to lead projects or as an alternative, outsource to industry experts.

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Small Businesses That Rock

Tired of the rat race? Then live another life by being your own boss! Just graduated? Would you like to join the army of those lining up to get jobs or would you like to start with a blast by starting your own business? Try entrepreneurship and be among the few who have the guts to venture in their own small business.

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Four Reasons Why Planning Doesn't Seem to Work and How to Resolve Them

I meet so many business owners who need to fill their programs, find referral partners and make more money at the last minute. Cash flow has run short and they need money yesterday.

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Leadership Coaching: Human Behavior and Motivation

Motivation is a product of valence, expectancy and instrumentality. Motivation is actually an inner drive, a force and energy that push a person to do something and to achieve a goal.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How An Outside Consumer Advocate Can Help Stop Collection Calls

The delinquency of a consumer's various financial accounts does not entitle collection agencies to use abusive tactics of harassment in order to get them to pay. However, all too frequently these companies disregard the state and federal laws meant to protect consumers and bombard them with phone calls, letters, and other forms of intrusion. When this happens, it's time to call a lawyer.

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A Review of the Best Forex Charting Software of Today

This technology has grown incredibly popular by word-of-mouth and to meet that demand there are now more merchants behind this software than ever before claiming to offer the absolute best forex charting software which is both precise and therefore profitable. I've personally used this technology for the past six years and have dealt with a lot of good and bad software options in that time. Today I'm going to address what I believe to be the best forex charting software on the market today hands down.

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Samsung's Android tablet/smartphone hybrid will debut in mid-February

AT T says it will begin pre-sales of Samsung's Galaxy Note mini-tablet/smartphone on Feb. 17 for $300 plus contract. To be hyped during the Super Bowl via video shot on its own eight megapixel camera, the Android 2.3-based gadget features a 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz, dual-core processor, and a stylus....

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The Weaknesses of Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is all about the psychology of the Forex market. It helps Forex traders and investors to predict market forces in the currency market. Fundamental analysis tends to be easier to conduct than technical analysis, as it is based more on logic.

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Leadership Coaching: Human Behavior and Motivation

Motivation is a product of valence, expectancy and instrumentality. Motivation is actually an inner drive, a force and energy that push a person to do something and to achieve a goal.

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The Tale of Two Business Models

If you're an independent retailer, it's pretty easy these days to be confused about the path you should follow. You're no different than any other consumer, you're bombarded by the major retail chains with special offers, promotional incentives, this week's special, next weeks sale. You hear all the chatter about social media, Facebook, smart phones, mobile apps.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will Your Organization Be Ready?

Organizations will be caught without a plan to take advantage of an improving economy. Being proactive and preparing for the future economic increases involves planning and preparation. How should we prepare?

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What's Under the Hood?

On the showroom floor it looks like any other Mustang. To the untrained eye it is just another car. But, under the hood, its 5.4 liter V8 engine sets it apart from anything Ford has made in a long time.

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Getting Real Bad for Mitt

driving school of north texas driving schools in baltimore permit test california

The Relationship Between the Media and Business

Undoubtedly, breaking into the media was one of the most difficult things I've had to do in my career. At the time I started to write, I promised my dying mentor, Harvey Cohen that I would get in the New York Times someday - a very bold promise for someone who was just published on an Ezine site. As I began to get recognized for my work, I soon learned the power of the media and how exactly to harness it for business leverage. This is something that many people fail to do.

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Picture of the Day

dmv permit test dmv driving test driving lessons

Communicate With Each Other

If you're looking for a quick way to fix some of those efficiency problems, the things that waste time and cause everybody's job to be harder than it needs to be, then look no further than you communication skills. You've got to be able to speak your mind and clearly explain what you need done and when you're not pleased with something. If you're not clear about any of these things, then you can't expect to get the results that you want.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Conference Notes and More Future Predictions for Proposal Profession

As promised here is the report I put together from the APMP Conference about the changes to the proposal industry. This list consist competition analysis, the trend in the amount of deals on the way and many other changes.

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Taking Care of Your Credit Score

It used to be almost impossible to borrow money if your credit rating was less than stellar, but things have changed over the years and banks are now giving chances to people with credit ratings that aren't perfect. Your chances of getting a loan are bigger, but you may end up paying more than those who have pristine credit reports. Being a subprime borrower may not be the ideal situation, but it's still a better deal than getting a loan from other sources.

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Did Justin Bieber Give Selena Gomez a Diamond Ring?

Photo credit: 
Selena Gomez's Instagram/Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and love is in the air for hot celebrity couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Selena may be sad over the split from her band The Scene, but it looks like Justin is doing a very good job boosting her spirits.


read more

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Sarrazin gets Starworks WEC seat

Former Peugeot driver Stephane Sarrazin will drive the Starworks team's LMP2 class HPD in the World Endurance Championship this year. Frenchman Sarrazin was one of several top drivers left without a seat for 2012 when Peugeot suddenly withdrew from sportscar racing last month

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The Benefits of Paperless Document Management Systems

There are many ways you could go about managing all of the papers and documents that fly through your business every month. You could manage everything in filing cabinets as businesses have been doing for generations, or you could allow everyone to do whatever they wanted with their paperwork and waste time hunting down loose papers.

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'Star Trek' Star Chris Pine 'Grateful' For Benedict Cumberbatch

'Benedict has got this intensity about him,' actor tells MTV News about new 'Trek' villain.
By Kara Warner

Chris Pine
Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Given the overwhelming success of J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek," much ado has been made over the sequel, which started production not too long ago. One of the more interesting stories to come out of the flurry of activity surrounding the new film is the casting of rising star Benedict Cumberbatch as the chief villain.

The very busy actor could only express his excitement about the project when MTV News caught up with him at the Golden Globes, but co-star Chris Pine had a little bit more to offer about Cumberbatch's contributions to the film thus far.

"Benedict is fantastic. He's just so good," Pine told MTV about his scenes with the British actor at the premiere of "This Means War." "He's super talented, and we are more than grateful to have him onboard."

When asked about the tone of his scenes with the "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" and "War Horse" actor, Pine gushed about his co-star's acting skills. "Benedict has got this intensity about him, and he's obviously extremely intelligent and articulate. His vocal quality is something else. He obviously is, unlike many of us, like, an actually trained actor," Pine added with a laugh. "He actually studied for it."

So what are we going to love about Cumberbatch's performance? And will it be love/hate, since he's playing a mysterious villain?

"[You'll love] everything. He's really talented," Pine said. "I think it's all going to be love — a mad amount of love."

Another "Star Trek 2" actor, Alice Eve, was just as excited about Cumberbatch joining the team, having worked with him previously on "Starter for 10." "I'm very excited to work with him again. He's so very funny, Ben," she said. "I don't know if you remember his character in 'Starter for 10,' but he was so funny. Like King of the Geeks, but he did it so well, and I found a lot of that hard to get through because he was so funny. I like him very much."

Check out everything we've got on "Star Trek 2."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Marriage and Credit

Planning a wedding and honeymoon is always exciting. However, when the honeymoon is over and it is time to start your life together, you may need to think about your financial situation, including your credit situation.

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How and Why to Be an Employer Focused Candidate

With so many candidates in the applicant pool in the sluggish economy, employers have the pick of the litter. Therefore, you have to work extra hard to impress and prove that they need you. Frankly, they don't care whether you are seeking a "growing company" or "opportunity for advancement". What they are concerned with is their bottom line and whether you can enhance it. What you need to do is tailor your skills, experience, and education on your resume to make you precisely the candidate they are seeking. This is how you build employer-focused documents, by showing and proving the value you offer.

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Webber: New Red Bull is competitive

Mark Webber is confident that Red Bull will be competitive in 2012 after his second day of running the car at Jerez today. But while he is upbeat about Red Bull's progress, he warned that he also expects Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes to be strong, meaning that his team must continue to build on its good start. The Australian completed 97 laps, ending up fastest of the new-specification cars behind Michael Schumacher's year-old Mercedes

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Niches Equals Riches: But You Already Know That, Right?

I hope you know this by now. I know I talk about it all the time and so do probably hundreds of other coaches. That said, it's amazing how many coaches really don't have a niche or don't think it's important.

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Trading Forex Full-Time

Anyone can trade Forex full-time, but it won't happen overnight. You will need to think long-term and have a good work ethic, if you want to quit your day job.

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Getting a Poor Credit Mortgage

When a person has bad credit, it might seem near impossible to ever dream of being able to obtain a home. But while people with bad credit scores might find it more challenging to be approved for a mortgage, there are many lenders that specialize in helping customers find a bad credit, or poor credit mortgage. These companies are often called subprime lenders. They can be a great alternative, but homebuyer's first need to know what comes with these types of loans.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

GrindTV's idea for Red Bull's Launchpad Contest

GrindTV's Chris Mauro weighs in with an idea for Red Bull's latest contest "Launchpad." What about extreme boardercross? Submit your concept to

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STNA Training Can Change Your Life

With the baby boomer generation reaching their senior years, there is certainly a great deal more need than at any time for health care solutions. For men and women that are unhappy with their job STNA training may be the path to a brand-new life and profession in one of the quickest growing industries today.

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TTR Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck 2012 Final

Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) wins the 6Star Billabong Air&Style with steady Backside 1260 mute grabs all evening long. Seppe Smits (BEL) takes the TTR Big Air Tour Trophy 2012 home, after coming in second here at the Bergisel Stadium in Innsbruck, closely followed by Niklas Mattsson (SWE).'Winning the Big Air Tour Trophy was unexpected, I was very happily surprised.'Seppe SmitsPeetu, who won with a clean and stylish Backside 1260 mute grab responded: 'It was a great night, and it felt really good being here. This was definitely one of the hardest competitions for me, with everyone stomping it.' Under icy conditions 12.500 spectators set fire to the Bergisel stadium for one of the most thrilling Air&Style competitions ever. A gripping final was the perfect conclusion of an action packed night. With final scores not more than 0.6 points apart, it was clear the riders gave it their all. Peetu Piiroinen took home the ring of glory and another 1000 points for the World Tour Rankings. More surprising action was put down by Swedish Niklas Mattsson, who rounded up the podium after holding his own against 3 clear favorite opponents in the final, including former Air&Style winner Sebastien Toutant (CAN). Niklas got the crowd to go wild with his second run, a Frontside 1080 Double Cork Mute Grab.Eric Willett (USA) earned the second highest score of the night with a Switch Backside 1260 Double Cork Mute Grab, worth 94.0 points, but failed to make the Superfinal after encountering Peetu Piiroinen in the second round. He had the biggest chance of winning the TTR World Tour Big Air title, but missing the Superfinal tonight, meant he had to watch Seppe claim the championship. Tonight's performances had a major influence on the TTR Overall Tour Ranking, with Seb Toutant now leading the pack, and Stale Sandbech (NOR), Roope Tonteri (FIN), Seppe Smits and Eric Willett all move up, rounding up the top 5.The TTR World Tour will move to Oslo, Norway from 10-19 February.

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Are Good Forex Market Investors Born or Made?

Many people think successful investors are born with some genetic gift, but the truth is they just had the right training. The Forex Market is the most profitable market of the world and anyone that has the right education and commits the time to learn will be able to gain some dollars from it.

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Why Business Needs to Recognize the Value of Introverts in Leadership Roles

In North America there is a strong bias to seeing successful leaders as outgoing, charismatic, strong willed, A-type personalities, in other words a fast talking Extravert. Because of this bias the qualities that Introverts bring to the workplace are often overlooked and undervalued when considering promotions into leadership positions. Only recently has research emerged indicating that Introverts have many qualities that are valuable for leading in to-day's work environment. Read on to discover what Introverts can bring to the leader's role in a diverse work environment.

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How and Why to Be an Employer Focused Candidate

With so many candidates in the applicant pool in the sluggish economy, employers have the pick of the litter. Therefore, you have to work extra hard to impress and prove that they need you. Frankly, they don't care whether you are seeking a "growing company" or "opportunity for advancement". What they are concerned with is their bottom line and whether you can enhance it. What you need to do is tailor your skills, experience, and education on your resume to make you precisely the candidate they are seeking. This is how you build employer-focused documents, by showing and proving the value you offer.

cal drivers ed practice permit test az georgia driving test

Friday, February 10, 2012

Overcoming Financial Obstacles With MLM Opportunity Lead Networking

People all over the world are experiencing one career mishap after another. People get laid off from their jobs for a variety of reasons; the most common being cost-cutting, eliminating the least efficient employees, or reductions in the workforce.

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Three Steps to Buying the Right Tote for Your Warehouse

New or Used plastic totes are manufactured in hundreds of various styles, sizes and materials. Totes are designed with styles required by various industries. Features include drainage holes, stacking rims, lids, collapsible sides, temperature resistant, and more. Each of the plastics provides special features that could be required for the particular application it was designed to satisfy. In the case of "fiberglass", the main feature provided is its ability to be unaffected by water, oils, and most chemicals. In addition fiberglass withstands specific high and low temperatures. Other features allow totes to be used in material handling applications such as pick modules, storage in shelving or for lower cost shipping.

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Acquisition of Loans for Persons With Bad Credit

Making an effort to acquire an unsecure loan in the current economic times may not be so easy. To people whose credit is bad then it is doubly difficult. Many try talking to their personal bankers with the hopes of getting loans but they find that they are not given an opportunity.

cdl test defensive driving course online learners permit practice test

Facts You Have To Know About Bad Credit Repair

Being bound to bad credit can be an overwhelming experience as well as a lot of people, the idea of having to seek bankruptcy relief could be humiliating and hard to take. Nevertheless, there are several steps which can be done to have you out in the situation. In many cases, bankruptcy may be avoided especially if you will require positive action immediately.

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Finding the Right Debt Relief Programs

If you follow some of these suggestions you will find a debt relief program that will work for you. Additionally, you can compare and contrast them on your own.

permit test permit practice test traffic school

Apple Versus Samsung: Win Some, Lose Some

A victory and a defeat for Apple in its legal campaign against Samsung.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pagenaud to race HPD at Sebring

Simon Pagenaud will drive for Pickett Racing at the opening round of the World Endurance Championship, the Sebring 12 Hours. The 27-year-old Frenchman, whose main programme this year will be in IndyCar with Sam Schmidt Motorsports, will share the team's HPD ARX-03a, which will be run under the Muscle Milk banner, just as its Lola-Aston Martin was last year. Pagenaud won the American Le Mans Series - of which Sebring is also the opening round ? when he drove HPD machinery for Highcroft Racing in 2010

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Commodity Channel Indicator Explained

The commodity channel indicator (CCI) was developed by Donald Lambert and is used by a growing number of technical traders to mark cyclical trends in a number of different financial markets. Originally designed to monitor overbought and oversold conditions the CCI measures the relationship between the price and a moving average. The CCI is known as a leading indicator and so its accuracy is very much dependent on the time interval that you trade.

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Stop Repeating Financial Mistakes That Lead to Debt Problems

They say history is prone to repeating itself and if consumers are not careful, the cycle of debt will continue on for years to come. So too will low credit scores be a consistent part of your financial life. In order to stop letting history repeat itself, you have to learn from your mistakes and move forward financially wiser and ready to commit to remaining debt free.

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Wondolowski signs extension with Earthquakes

photo by Don Feria/ For the second consecutive offseason, Chris Wondolowski has signed a contract extension with the San Jose Earthquakes. A year to the day after signing a new deal with the San Jose Earthquakes, Wondolowski has again agreed to renew his contract with the club. The new extension will keep the 29-year-old Wondolowski in San Jose through the 2014 season. Wondolowski, who had been linked with clubs in Europe this offseason, has been one of the best offensive players in MLS the past two years. In 2010, the U.S. international scored 19 goals en route to winning the...

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Macroeconomics and the Importance of Theory in Forex Trading

Macroeconomics, as the label implies, is considered the study of business economics over a massive scale, using a national or international basis for study. It has been developed into a separate principle from microeconomics, predominantly because of the work of the celebrated economist John Maynard Keynes, who postulated among other considerations; that short-run variances in commercial activity are often mitigated, simply by the appropriate use of fiscal policy. This has been in marked difference to conventional economic principles, which claim the theory of monetary neutrality, which says that minor factors like the money supply cannot have an impact on actual...

cdl test answers budget driving school gun safety course

Get Out and Stay Out! 4 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Debt Out of Your Life

Debt is a 4-letter word that can be just as obscene as those other 4-letter words that aren't fit to print! Even if your debts are minor and you think they'll be easy to manage, here are 4 reasons why you need to get yourself out of debt and avoid it like the plague for the rest of your life.

practice test for permit permit test study guide louisiana drivers license

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Plastic - A Substitute For Cash: The American Credit Card Disaster

In today's America, as a result of minimal cash flow, unemployment and what seem to be quick ways to solve the such predicaments, people are using credit cards more than ever. No wonder: credit cards are a convenient way to pay for just about everything, the perfect temporary fix. This "buy now, pay later" mentality has made it too easy for impulsive buyers to purchase more than they can afford, digging themselves a ditch that will take years to fill in.

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Presented By:

traffic school online lowest price traffic school idrivesafely

Printer Ignores New Business Opportunity

Three specific things you can do to make sure you deliver on the promises you make in your marketing efforts: Do what you say you will. Respond quickly and Follow up.These can help you avoid the customer's feeling's of disappointment in what they are expecting to the service of your company.

online driving school practice permit test ma international driving permit

Get the Forex Trading Platform You Prefer

Getting the forex trading platform is perhaps the start of a good career in this financial trade. After all, it would be hard to race in a car you don't like driving, right? That's why it's important to love the feel and function of your platform. Here are some features that preferred trading programs possess today.

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Student Credit Cards Can Make Life for the Student Much Easier

Surviving in college is a challenge, but student credit cards can make it that little bit easier. So, even with low cash, those necessary bills and fees can be paid on time.

traffic school online california driving school online learners permit test